The mission of the Office for Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development is to cultivate a fraternity and sorority community of merit through holistic development to empower students to transform the world.

Core Values

Our value driven goals guide authentic relationships and leadership, collaborations, and engagement with stakeholders.

We believe in students. We value their learning, growth, and voice by cultivating an environment of critical thinking, integrity, innovation, and research informed practices.

We believe in holistic development. We value the development of the student through knowledge acquisition and application to create transformative experiences.

We believe in wellness and access for all students. We strive to achieve an inclusive community through respect, understanding, and cultural competency. We foster environments of wellness through support, awareness, and education.

We believe in responsible citizenship. We are committed to service and philanthropy as a way to educate and empower students to become socially responsible and contributing members of society.


Learning Goals

Academic Excellence

  • Performance: Employ behaviors to achieve academic goals that meet organization and University standards
  • Faculty Partnerships: Establish and foster relationships with faculty through partnerships, involvement and recognition

Civic Engagement

  • Community Awareness: Recognize how one’s actions impact others and the world;
  • Philanthropy: Utilize personal skills and abilities to contribute to community efforts
  • Service: Identify and engage in opportunities to assist community and others

Wellness & Safety

  • Care and concern for self and others: Assess and take action to create healthy and safe environments
  • Demonstrate healthy practices to create balance between education, work, and leisure


  • Self-Governance: Understand and demonstrate principles of governance
  • Ethical & Personal Responsibility: Exemplify the courage to make decisions congruent with personal values and the principles/tenets of their national/international organizations.
  • Cultural Competency:  Understand and respect themselves and others in order to develop and broaden their knowledge of diversity and be agents of change


USC Division of Student Affairs Mission & Goals


Empowering students to transform the world.”



Based on the aforementioned mission, the Division of Student Affairs has three major goals. These goals place students at the center.

The goals include:

  • SUPPORT the academic, professional and personal success of students
  • EDUCATE students to advocate for themselves and others, develop and broaden their knowledge of diversity and be agents of change.
  • ENGAGE students in transformative co-curricular experiences to develop them into effective leaders, ambassadors and global citizens.


Student Engagement Strategic Initiatives

15045181905_5ecd38b5b9_k1. Build a best-practice based student leadership development curriculum. Quality leadership development contributes to well-rounded campus leaders and prepares students to become moral, ethical, and responsible participants in the larger global setting. Self-awareness and the ability to motivate and empower others are essential traits for the development of exceptional leaders. Student Affairs is committed to a modern and comprehensive leadership development curriculum based upon best practices utilized in higher education and corporate America.

2. Cultivate a culture of High-Impact Practices. High-Impact Practices (HIPs) are techniques and designs for teaching and learning that have proven to be beneficial for engagement and successful learning among students from many backgrounds. These practices take different forms, and directly contribute to the students’ cumulative learning process. Student Affairs is focused on building a curriculum and culture of High-Impact Practices.

3. Ensure that ALL student populations have access to the USC experience. Over the past 20 years, the university has evolved to include a more diverse student population. Emerging populations present new expectations and opportunities which must be examined and addressed. In the spirit of engagement, Student Affairs will ensure that all students have access to the complete USC experience.


Learn more about the Division of Student Affairs and the 2014-2017 Strategic Initiatives.