Fraternity & Sorority Housing

The fraternity and sorority residential experience provides students with the opportunity to enhance their membership by living to create a living-learning community within the house.

The fraternity and sorority residential community currently includes 25 chapter facilities located near the USC campus. Each chapter facility is privately owned, not owned by the university, and managed through either a local or national housing corporation. The area is served by the USC Department of Public Safety and the Los Angeles Police Department.

For those groups with chapter facilities, conversations on contracts and living in opportunities begin in the fall semester with most contracts due the first part of spring semester. Please note, if participating in a spring recruitment process, typically there is a brief turnaround of decision making in housing. Please invest time into understanding the fraternity and sorority housing requirements and university housing deadlines before joining to be sure you have all the information available when deciding on membership and housing.

As you consider housing, it can be helpful to understand the USC Housing options, timelines for applications (varies depending on status and if lived in housing before), room costs, and residential meal plans.

Members should work directly with their chapter president, chapter or graduate advisor, or house director for questions on housing and costs.


Spring 2021 Housing Timelines

Available in fall 2020.


Spring 2020 Housing Timelines

In an effort to help students and their families understand the timeline for joining a fraternity or sorority and USC Housing timelines, below are a few dates to consider. FSLD will update as new information can come together.

 1/19/20 – Panhellenic & IFC Formal Recruitment Bid Day

1/16/20 – DiSCover AGC

1/21/20 – MGC Meet the Greeks

1/22/20 – NPHC Meet the Greeks

1/26/20 – USC Housing online application deadline

2/18/20  – USC Housing: sophomores can contract/lottery opens

3/6/20 – USC Housing contract cancelation deadline with full refund of the $800 confirmation fee

5/1/20 – USC Housing contract cancelation deadline without refund of the $800 confirmation fee


USC Housing Renewal Timeline 2020-2021

More information can be found on the USC Housing website. Updated timelines for 2021-2022 will posted when available.

January 21 Online application period for current residents opens
January 24 Deadline to clear registration holds
January 26 Online application deadline
February 7 Special Interest acceptance and contracting time notification
February 10 – 13 Special Interest and Grad/Family contracting period
February 14 General Lottery selection time notification
February 18 – 27 General Lottery period assignment and contracting
March 2 – 11 UHR Wait List sign-up period
March 6 Last day to cancel confirmed contracts without penalty
March 9 Reassignment requests accepted
May 1 Last day to cancel confirmed contracts with loss of confirmation payment