Earning a college degree is why students go to college. Being a member of a fraternity or sorority enhances the academic experience for students, most often excelling beyond their college peers. Members are expected to meet specific GPA requirements and encouraged to meet with faculty, use campus resources for academic support, and are recognized for their high academic performance at regular scholarship events and opportunities to join academic honor societies.

The Trojan Greek Standards outline expectations and goals for chapters to maintain the foundation of academic excellence within its chapter and of members each semester and academic year. Below is the Civic Engagement expectations for all fraternities and sororities at USC.

Academic – Trojan Greek Standards

Chapters should strive for, practice, and demonstrate:

  • Performance: Employ behaviors to achieve academic goals that meet organization and Universitystandards
  • Faculty Partnerships: Establish and foster relationships with faculty through partnerships,involvement and recognitionAcademic StatusStudents involved in a Greek organization are expected to have full time academic status and are fully matriculated into the University at the time invitation for membership is extended. The focus of this standard is to ensure members maintain a primary focus of education at the University of Southern California; members with outside internships, family issues, or other academic agreements may be exempt on a per-person basis at the discretion of chapter leadership per their Bylaws, under the advisement of the national organization.

    Minimum Grade Point Average Standards

    In order to continue progression of academic means by members of the Greek community, minimum requirements are expected of individuals, chapter officers, and chapters as a whole:

Individuals: members of Greek organizations are expected to maintain a per-semester GPA above 2.0, the threshold for Academic Probation by the University. It is expected chapter leadership will enforce this policy on their individual members.

  •   Chapter officers: It is recommended all chapter officers maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA enforced by the Chapter President or standards/accountability boards.
  •   Groups: Chapters as a whole must maintain a per-semester GPA at or above the University per- semester undergraduate GPA, detailed below.Probationary Periods and StatusChapters as a whole are expected to maintain a GPA above the all-University undergraduate GPA per semester. Failure to maintain this standard will result in a probationary status at the discretion of the Greek Progress Review Board. Chapters under the all-University undergraduate GPA will remain on probation until they reach that minimum. Progress during this process is defined as a .05-point increase in GPA per semester towards the minimum all-University undergraduate GPA level.



Greek Honor Societies

Order of Omega

Gamma Sigma Alpha