Welcome, USC Trojans!

Part of your undergraduate journey is seeking and participating in involvement opportunities to enrich your Trojan experience. It is great to hear you are interested in joining a fraternity or sorority at the University of Southern California!
Fraternities and sororities are an integral part of USC since their beginning in 1889. Founding principles of academics, civic engagement, leadership, cultural understanding, and well-being are the guiding values in which chapters strive for locally and nationally.
The Trojan Fraternity & Sorority Community includes 50+ organizations organized into five governing councils along with two honor societies, representing 20% of the undergraduate student population. The five governing councils are: Asian Greek Council, Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Multicultural Greek Council, and Panhellenic Council. As you begin your journey in joining a fraternity or sorority, please note:

  • Alcohol Edu, Think About It, and Staying Safe: Students new to the university are to complete the required university educational programs  before beginning any recruitment or intake process for any fraternity or sorority. Not completing these educational courses can delay your ability to join a fraternity or sorority.

2020-2021 Updates

Information, guidance, and decisions on COVID-19 is constantly evolving regarding operations for the next academic year, especially for fall 2020.

FSLD and councils are planning for multiple scenarios and will pivot operations when finalized guidance is available.

With that said, dates and processes below are subject to change. FSLD and councils will communicate in multiple avenues on any changes. Thank you in advance for the patience and understanding.

Asian Greek Council

Fall 2020: DiSCover AGC August 2020 (time and location TBD)

If you would like additional information about Asian Greek Council organizations, please contact us at

Interfraternity Council Recruitment

All IFC chapters will be participating in Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

For any recruitment. related questions questions, please visit the IFC website for more information or contact

Fall 2020 Recruitment Dates: August 2020

Registration Open: Summer 2020

Registration Closes: TBD


Fall 2020 Information Sessions for Spring Recruitment TBD


Spring 2021 Formal Recruitment Dates: January 2021

Registration Open: late fall 2020 semester

Registration Closes: TBD


Multicultural Greek Council Recruitment/Intake

MGC chapters recruit new members each semester. It is informal and each chapter runs the process independently.

Fall 2020 Informational: August 2020

Visit the MGC Website for more information!

If you would like additional information about the Multicultural Greek Council organizations, please contact MGC President at

National Pan-Hellenic Council Intake

Fall 2020 Informational September 2, 2020 7:00pm Location TBA

If you would like additional information about National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations, please contact our team at


Panhellenic Council Recruitment

Fall 2020 Showcase:  August 2020

Come learn about all Panhellenic sororities, recruitment opportunities in the fall and spring, and why you should join today! Learn more about fall and spring recruitment opportunities. Not all chapters are eligible to participate in fall open recruitment based on NPC policy. You can read more about how chapters are deemed eligible here: NPC Setting and Adjusting Total. There is no registration process for fall open recruitment.


Fall 2020 Information Sessions


Spring 2021 Primary Recruitment Dates

All Panhellenic chapters are participating in Spring 2021. To best use weekend and evening hours and limit academic disruption, please note primary recruitment begins before classes begin.

Registration Open: open October-November

Registration Closes: TBD


Visit the Panhellenic Council website for more information!

Panhellenic Recruitment Resources & Information:

National Panhellenic Conference website

NPC Values Based Recruitment

NPC Release Figure Methodology

NPC Formal Recruitment Binding Agreement

NPC Setting and Adjusting Total

NPC Judicial Process

NPC Events with Recognized Fraternities


*please note, all dates and times listed above are subject to change.