Recruitment/Intake Dates

 Please note, Alcohol Edu, Think About It, and On the Safe Side must be completed before beginning any recruitment or intake process for any fraternity or sorority. Not completing these educational courses can delay your ability to join a fraternity or sorority.

Spring 2017 Interest Form

Interested in joining a fraternity or sorority in spring 2017? Complete this form so we can connect you with fraternities and sororities conducting recruitment and intake this semester.


Asian Greek Council

Spring 2017 information soon!

If you would like additional information about Asian Greek Council organizations, please contact Christian Miyamae (, Asian Greek Council President.


Interfraternity Council Recruitment

Spring 2017 IFC Recruitment Schedule

January 14: IFC Kick Off Event

Janaury 15 & 16: Open House events

Janaury 17-19: Chapter Events 5pm-10pm – Meet at Fraternity Houses

January 20: Blue Chip Dinner (Invitation Only)

Janaury 21: IFC Bid Day (Invitation Only)

Registration: Open soon!

Visit the IFC website for more information!


Multicultural Greek Council Intake

MGC chapters recruit new members each semester. It is informal and each chapter runs the process independently.

Spring 2017 MGC Informational – January 24, 2017 GFS 106 7:30 PM

If you would like additional information about the Multicultural Greek Council organizations, please contact Christian Carrion, (, MGC President.


National Pan-Hellenic Council Intake

Spring 2017 NPHC Informational – details soon!

If you would like additional information about National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations, please contact Lissa Mwiza Rudasingwa (, National Pan-Hellenic Council President.


Panhellenic Recruitment

Spring 2017 recruitment: If you are interested in joining a Panhellenic sorority in the spring semester, complete this interest form so we can connect you with Panhellenic sororities who are eligible for open recruitment.

2017 Formal Recruitment: Dates and information available in spring 2017