FSLD works with all councils to engage parents, families, and external stakeholders looking to support the fraternity and sorority membership experience. Those wishing to support a chapter can contact FSLD at USCFSLD@usc.edu so we can support connection and efforts.

Trojan Family Weekend 2021

Look for programming for students and families during scheduled October 7-10, 2021 on the Trojan Family Weekend Homepage. Click here to be redirected to register for Trojan Family Weekend Events.

2021 Trojan Family Weekend Programming
Title: Panhellenic Sorority Life: An Overview for Parents and Families
Description: Explore the Panhellenic Sororities at USC with details on the fraternity-sorority community, how to join Panhellenic organizations, when recruiting events are taking place, opportunities for parents or caregivers, and questions to ask your family member as they join. The panel will provide an opportunity for Q&A.
Date/Time: Thursday, October 7 | 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM
Location: TCC 450 The Forum

Title: Fraternity and Sorority Life: An Overview for Parents and Families
Description: Gain an understanding of campus Greek life with an overview of the entire Fraternity/Sorority community at USC including the Asian Greek Council, Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, and Panhellenic Council. The session will discuss the history and founding of each council, as well as describe opportunities for joining. The session will conclude following a question-and-answer session.
Date/Time: Thursday, October 7 | 3:30 PM - 4:20 PM
Location: TCC 450 The Forum

Past Trojan Family Weekend Programming
Session Title: Hazing is Preventable: A Family Conversation

Description: Join us for a real, honest conversation about hazing with families who have been affected by it. Learn how to recognize hazing, about its harmful and serious effects hazing and what students can do to prevent hazing and hazing-related deaths. While the speakers will primarily talk about fraternity deaths, hazing can be found in many sectors of collegiate life including student organizations, the marching band, athletics and recreation sports. Having the conversation now will help students make informed choices about stepping up to interrupt and end hazing.

Panhellenic Presents Fall 2021

Some Panhellenic organizations will have Presents taking place on October 10th, during Trojan Family Weekend. For a full list, complete with contact information, please click here.

USC Parent & Family Engagement

Visit the USC Parents portal for helpful information and resources, and join the USC Parents Group on Facebook to connect with other Trojan families, share tips and make new friends. You can travel with other Trojan parents through Trojan Travel.

Past Parent & Family Educational Sessions
Love, Mom & Dad: Turning tragedy into progress Spring 2021
The Anti-Hazing Coalition hosted a live nationwide presentation and discussion on Sunday, March 21, 2021. The AHC parents presented a program via Zoom and live on Facebook to share their sons’ stories and educate current students about hazing prevention. The program included Q&A with the parents. Learn more at: antihazingcoalition.org

NIC Town Hall on Hazing: Spring 2021
Over the past week, there have been two deaths allegedly related to fraternity hazing activity. Following these, the NIC organized a Town Hall tonight for Interfraternity Council presidents and advisors, fraternity staff and volunteers, and fraternity chapter presidents to discuss these developments and critical steps that every fraternity community should be taking at this time and steps you can take to assist in preventing hazing. This Town Hall included health & safety and risk management experts and parents who have lost their sons to hazing.

Panhellenic & IFC Parent Clubs
At USC, the Intersorority Parents Council (ISPC) serves the Panhellenic Council community and the Interfraternity Parents Council (IFPC) serves the Interfraternity Council Community and was created by Panhellenic & IFC families. Panhellenic & IFC parent clubs are managed through the chapters as USC and FSLD do not lead or manage operations.

ISPC and IFPC are parent volunteer organizations who provide annual scholarships to Panhellenic & IFC members. Additionally, ISPC & IFPC provide parent programming featuring prominent speakers who cover topics relevant to the fraternity and sorority experience and USC Community. All parents and friends of USC fraternity and sorority members are invited to attend.

ISPC & IFPC welcomed President Carol. L Folt to join the parent community and hear from student leaders. We invite you to listen along to the recording of the event.

Interfraternity Parent Club President: Polly Barry Paulsen at pollybpaulsen@gmail.com

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Intersorority Parent Club President: Karen Mohajer at Mohajer10@cox.net

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