Safety Priorities Timeline

As USC facilitates implementation of the USC Fraternity & Sorority Safety Priorities, progress and future goals are captured here. While brief and foundational, this is just the beginning with more robust and depth progress to come.

Spring 2019

  • Communicated priorities to stakeholders and campus partners
  • Met in-person with stakeholders to review priorities
  • Assessing next steps and identify leads and timeline
  • Awaiting progress on staffing updates
  • USC Fire Safety completed facility inspections and fire safety training with groups who have chapter facilities
  • USC Fire Safety distributed event hosting information to chapter leaders on structures, capacity, street closures, and other fire related event planning components
  • Gathering feedback from students and stakeholders on the Event Review Process
  • IFC & Panhellenic leaders worked with university stakeholders to finalize a plan for Gamedays in fall 2019
  • FSLD team to meet with USC Fire Safety to review fire safety programs and prepare for next academic year

Summer 2019

  • Consider membership and frequency of Fraternity & Sorority Strategic Leadership Committee and Fraternity & Sorority Safety & Concerns Meeting
  • Begin mapping prevention education for 2019-2020 for all five communities
  • FSLD team to participate in The Hart Institute for Social Event Planning
  • Craft renewed version of the FSLD Event Review Guidelines
  • Evaluate equitable implementation, support, and resources needed for each community

Fall 2019

  • Implement fall education programming for each council
  • Catalog chapter programming to assess for strengths and gaps
  • Work towards establishing metrics for success and growth
  • Implement renewed Event Review Guidelines
  • IFC to implement Gameday plans

Updated 04-23-19