Trojan Greek Standards & Accreditation

Established 1986, revised 1992 and 2016

Fraternities and sororities are an integral part of the University of Southern California since their founding in 1889. Founding principles of wellness, community, academics, service, and leadership are the guiding values in which chapters strive for locally and nationally.

The Trojan Greek Standards provide a framework for learning, growth, and development of individual chapters and the community. This framework reflects the founding principles of fraternities and sororities in providing a set of accountability standards to ensure the Trojan Greek community is committed and demonstrating the highest quality membership experience focused on academics, civic engagement, wellness & safety, and leadership. The Trojan Greek Standards serve as a way to document and demonstrate growth and guide strategic planning for chapters, the council, and community.

The Trojan Greek Standards & Accreditation process serves as the annual recognition process for fraternities and sororities at USC. Fraternities and sororities remain in good standing with USC by completing the USC Registered Student Organization (RSO) recognition process with the Office of Campus Activities, complete the Trojan Greek Standards & Accreditation process, and remain in good standing with their respective council and inter/national organization.

Within these frameworks, membership in a fraternity or sorority is considered to be a privilege, and with this privilege comes the responsibility to perform in a manner exemplifying the ideals of the Trojan: faithful, scholarly, skillful, courageous, and ambitious.

Read the full Trojan Greek Standards & Accreditation for 2017-2018 here: USC Trojan Greek Standards 2017-2018