USC & Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Development expect all students and fraternities and sororities to uphold their organization and USC values. As demonstrated in the Trojan Greek Standards & Accreditation, membership in a fraternity or sorority is considered to be a privilege, and with this privilege comes the responsibility to perform in a manner exemplifying USC's unifying values: integrity, excellence, diversity, equity, and inclusion, well-being, open communication, and accountability.

The USC code of conduct, Student Handbook, outlines prohibited conduct for students and student organizations.

In an effort to demonstrate the current judicial standings of USC fraternities and sororities, Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Development will post the current statuses of organizations who are no longer recognized by the university and their inter/national organization, including their current status with the Office of Community Expectations.

Learn more on how to report an incident and the LiveSafe app is also available for reporting.

Health & Safety Intervention Policy

The university wants students and RSOs to seek assistance for themselves and others who are experiencing distress while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Therefore, students and RSOs who seek medical assistance for themselves or another, by contacting a Resident Assistant, contacting the Department of Public Safety (213-740-4321), or calling 911, will not be held responsible through the USC disciplinary process for their consumption or distribution of alcohol and/or use of other substances.

This policy also extends to students for whom help is sought. However, as part of the university’s care for students, and to prevent future situations in which students may be harmed, students (and RSO membership as applicable) may be required to complete educational interventions.

This policy does not apply if a DPS officer, a Resident Assistant, or university staff/faculty member encounters the student before help is requested.

Details regarding the application of the Health and Safety Intervention Policy to students who report potential violations of the Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation are set forth in that policy..

Can read more in the USC Student Handbook.

Limited Operations

These organizations have limited operations and will work with their inter/national organization and Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Development on a development plan before operations can resume.

As of May 2024, there no chapters currently under limited operations.

Interim Action

As of May 2024, there are no chapters currently under interim action.

Loss of Recognition

These organizations are no longer recognized by USC and their respective inter/national organization due to investigation findings. These organizations cannot conduct any chapter operations, including recruitment/intake, socials, meetings, etc.

As of May 2024, the following chapters have lost recognition. They are ineligible to be considered for recognition until after the conclusion of their sanctions.

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity(Interfraternity Council): As of April 2021, for hazing and health and safety violations of university conduct code, through March 12, 2026.

Beta Omega Phi Fraternity (Asian Greek Council): As of August 2014, for hazing and health and safety violations of university conduct code.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity (Interfraternity Council): As of January 2019, for hazing and health and safety violation of university conduct code, through January 10, 2025.

Sigma Phi Omega Sorority (Asian Greek Council): As of fall 2018, for hazing and safety violations of university conduct code.

Theta Xi Fraternity (Interfraternity Council): As of December 2018, for hazing and health and safety violations of university conduct code, through August 8, 2024.