The Campus-Recognized Sorority and Fraternity Transparency Act (AB 524) requires higher education institutions to enforce annual reporting requirements on all recognized campus sororities and fraternities and to suspend those that do not comply with these requirements. This report will be published annually on or before October 1 for the preceding academic year.

In order to maintain recognition status as a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Southern California, students must:
• Create a constitution for their organization;
• Identify a full-time faculty/staff advisor;
• Have a roster of at least 10 enrolled USC students;
• At least 5 members must complete the Hazing Prevention 101 course; and
• Every year, students must resubmit for recognition status.

USC recognizes social fraternities and sororities as those organizations that:
• Allow single gender status for fraternities and sororities as protected under Title IX;
• Ensure the presence of an inter/national organization for which the collegiate organization (local chapter) is legally recognized and insured;
• Are governed under national branches and local structures of Panhellenic Council, Inter-fraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, and Asian Greek Council; and
• Can provide incorporation status – federal or state – at the national or local level.

View the official memo: Campus Activities-FSLD-MEMO

Each chapter must provide an annual report with:
• The number of active members
• The number of new members
• The average GPA of the membership of the entire chapter
• The average GPA of the new members
• The number of community service hours the chapter completed
• The total amount of money fundraised by the chapter
• The current recognition status of the chapter
• The current conduct status of the chapter
• The address of the chapter house
• The location, date, and time of any sanctioned event
• Any awards received/won by the chapter

Each chapter’s report of the above information can be found on their individual page.

Any university-recognized social sorority or fraternity that does not comply with the above requirements will be suspended from campus recognition. If a chapter is not listed on this page, it is not recognized by the university. Learn more about disaffiliated organizations here.